Sunday, 12 June 2011

Runway to Realway: Fruits!

Everyone's gone bananas! Quite literally in Prada's case as they presented shirts and skirts emblazoned with the fruit for their Spring/Summer '11 collection, along with its favourite tasters, monkeys. And they weren't the only ones offering a visual treat; many of the pieces in Stella McCartney's S/S show featured a smattering of grapefruits, lemons, and grapes, plus Suno created a very wearable fruit print midi skirt in their S/S collection. And it would appear that it is a trend that is not about to die down anytime soon as Anna Sui has just presented an autumnal twist on assortment of berries and citrus fruits in her Resort 2012 collection. 

Prada S/S '11
Suno S/S '11

Stella McCartney S/S '11
Anna Sui Resort '12
The High Street has, of course, interpreted this trend in a very wearable way. Zara have created a very Stella-esque citrus-print blouse, while River Island have squashed two trends into one by creating a very chic stripe-and-fruit top, as well as a fruity romper. 

River Island, £14.99
Zara, $59.90

No matter what the weather, you can always get your 5-a-day thanks to the ever resourceful high-st! If you're off to a festival this summer, don't forget to pack Office's fruity 'Nutty' wellies, or if you're sunning yourself on a beach, do it in style with Topshop's neon banana motif bikini. 

Office 'Nutty' wellies, £25
Topshop, £26.50
 If you're a junk food addict and are not yet ready to declare your allegiance to all things fruity, you can still tap into the trend by adding some statement jewellery to your usual look. Topshop have come up trumps with this fruit collar, and River Island have got a pair of fruity studs for nearly every day of the week. Well, everyone's got to have a 'devil' day! Alternatively, Miss Selfridge also have a selection of fruit earrings, plus you get 25% off their Diva jewellery range at the moment!

River Island, £5.99
Topshop, £28
 Celebrities have also embraced the fruit trend; Katy Perry has incorporated the whole spectrum of fruits into her stage costumes and BBC Radio 1 presenter Jo Whiley wore Stella McCartney's citrus print slashed to the thigh dress to the recent Ivor Novello awards in London. 

Jo Whiley
Stella McCartney S/S '11

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